Just Think

Visionaries, business leaders and billionaires say they dedicate a good amount of their time to thinking. Rightly so.

Recently, I was inspired to write this note by Elon Musk and his bodacious vision to colonize Mars. I enjoyed watching the live webcast and took a small break in the day to listen. It was refreshing, outrageous, crazy and downright out of this world. Put humans on a vessel, fly them to Mars and start a new world. Wow!

How’s that for a day of thinking?

Here I am, listening to a man who is thinking of colonizing another planet but yet one of his rockets disintegrated before it even took off and some crashed on landing. Totally awkward and was thinking, “he must be crazy if we are to follow him.”

Later, I realized that Elon was doing something that is very special. Simply, to think.

He spent days/weeks and months preparing for and walking in front of hundreds of people (thousands watching) to simply encourage us to THINK and imagine this very cool idea.

Whether or not he can take us to Mars successfully is another point. However, Elon is demonstrating that most important to our human purpose is to THINK and imagine the wonderful things we can do.

Not all of my ideas are world changing or worth pursuing but Elon reminds me that what I do have is this great big and amazing gift of thinking. So, Just Think.

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